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Oh foolish worker bee-- I'm your fucking queen. [entries|friends|calendar]
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new journal baby, yeah [29 May 2003|12:41am]
SO i have a new journal everyone. it is friends only, and i am being a bit more selective as to who i list as a friend.


comment there if you want to be added. if you don't comment, you're probably not getting added.

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el dia de madres en la ciudad. [11 May 2003|07:42pm]
vamos a la cuidad hoy.
NBC studio tour.
i need to write an essay.
too many people are all around me
i cant take this
i hate these people.

bright side!
got the best cd in the city
its like this native american or mexican music or something
its so sothing.

smelly andy pisses me off.
today my mother told a stranger,
"i have three children"
and smelly said,
"i have four"

...ecxept that he really only has one because my brother sister and i are not his fucking children.


time to write.

p.s. my journal is friends only from the next entry on. so if you want to read it that badly, get a lj and comment and ill add you if you aren't added already.

(i am ecstacy)

why, hello. are you looking for meee? [11 May 2003|12:43am]
... i didn't think so. christine and i took a trip to the mall today. was had a blizzast. <3<3 being badass at BEBE sport. and chanting its name <3<3...

yes so then we met up with the others. went to ethels. did girlieness things like talking and eating. TALK ABOUT GENDER ROLES!!!!!!!!
it was really fun. really.

and now home lisa is here. here here here. heeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee................

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finally ... [10 May 2003|12:29pm]
so i finally ordered my vegan belt and it looks like this:

its fucking cool as hell, don't you think?

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oh friday. [10 May 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | mellow ]

it was wuite the friday. school was very schoolish, as usual. actually, it was a bit more schoolish than usual. hmm.. come to think of it, it was the most schoolish it could possibly ever be. i dont think i have ever been to a school so schoolish as my school was today. i should be shot.

after school i was let down alot and there was much confusion. but after that i would up at jeff's house and he chased me with his feet and knives which was fun ::grimmaces::

er... yeah so we ate and such and off the the mall(after jeff argued with his parents about money for a bit).

mall = stupid. was going to play ddr... FUCKED IT UP!... couldnt play... met some people.
clean holly and kev came to get janelle and me. woot woot. chilled for a while. blah blah, dinner, and home home home home hommmeee which = now.

and there's another party at my house. do i go? hm. i wonder.

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woah distractions. [08 May 2003|09:06pm]
so its funn because i came downstairs after my shower just to get a pen to take notes to actually finally for once study for the history quiz i have tomorrow, and i ended up here, at the computer, talking to people., reading lj, and as you can see, inevitably writing in it. way to be easily distracted and the biggest procrastinator in the world, lisa.

and on a completely unrelated note....(this is to holly)Collapse )

(i am ecstacy)

best moment of the day: [08 May 2003|03:42pm]
th1sSadnessAlone (3:37:06 PM): 8===D

Living Contradic (3:37:18 PM): is he happily crying?

........ ahh today basically sucked. i need to start thinking about school, because i haven't for the longest time. today i felt like i came back from some kind of spring break.

well crap on my face and call it chocolate, its time to go to the dentist.

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[07 May 2003|07:37pm]
stole it from ethelCollapse )

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ahhh rejuvination. i have yet to recieve this gift. [07 May 2003|05:08pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

today was deffinately a succes. the people who were complaining about "paying to go sit in the back of the school" were deffinately proved wrong. it wasn't even too stressful, just busy really, and i had fun too. the DJ was amazing. he actually played some good music.. as in take on me and bohemian rhapsidy. <3 good good times. today was good.

i napped alot when i came home and showered because im dirty and exhausted. although i was wearing a 3 quarter sleeve shirt, my neck is slightly burned and one may confuse me with one of the rosey-faced seven dwarves on account of my burned face and red red red nose. but its not so bad... some people had it way worse.

time to go read and sleep some more. peace out. hollar.

(i am ecstacy)

well, hello. [06 May 2003|09:41pm]
i dont understand why i had to get a cold now. now. in may. its supposed to be nice and im dieing. damn you bacteria.

urp. made some stuff for the palooza tomorrow. fun fun fun.
made linda and my sweatshirt. it is so homosexually platonic, that it kicks some hardcore ass.

and go.

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